Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Abled Differently: Light & Hope home, Korogocho

An open mind, open expectations and open hearts.  That was us as we
walked through the doors of Light and Hope home for children with
disabilities in Korogocho. You see, we had never before been to a
home for children who are perceived to be disabled.
And special appreciation to Rozzy from Versatile Photographers who accompanied us in the visit.

So, let me tell you, what we experienced at the home is beyond what we
would have imagined. These children are not disabled, they are abled

You think they can't sing? You think they can't play? You think they
can't introduce themselves? And you think they can’t take selfies? You are very mistaken!  They are happy happy little people who can do much more than you would expect. Nguvu nayo, we
played the tag of war game, and we lost!!

When we were preparing what to take for the kids, we did not know what
to carry with us, but when we left the home, we carried one thing with
us; "The greatest gift you can give them is your time." And also, in
a way, they blessed our hearts more than we blessed theirs. That I am
sure of...

After the meeting we had a sit down with the indomitable Ms. Joyce,
one of the administrators and founders of the home and a parent too of
one of the kids there. And we learnt quite a lot, with her seated at
the far right of the room and us, seated around her listening, with
rapt attention, like kids around a camp fire, to the incredible story
of how the home came to be, the successes and the challenges. One of
the things that stuck with us and was proven through an incident that
happened a little later on is that this is a home for the community by
the community. A community coming together and through sheer power of
will and love, coming together to create something full of beauty and
love. Korogocho is a slum area, and so I know you have an idea of the
standards of living of most people there. But they are a people who
have overcome this and found it in themselves to build a place of such
lovely children, and help them grow into capable people.  And show
them love. Teach them.

The parents offer services to the home in turns. Each parent has their
days to cook for the kids and clean up the place, on top of their day
to day jobs. If that ain't love and dedication, I don't know what is.
This aspect of it being a community based project has it's challenges
too. Top among them is lack of permanent sponsors. People who can
provide fulltime financial support for the home.  To meet such
expenses as,  therapy for the kids (which sometimes is not possible
due to lack of funds)  and meals(nutritionally balanced meals) for the
kids and learning materials. And this is where we ask for your help.
If you know of someone, an individual or even an organization that
would be willing to work with the home. Please, do let us know. And if
you would like to make contributions to the home in any way,  let us
know and we will get you in touch with the administration. We even
learnt that there's a program called adopt a child where you can
choose a kid and support them financially.. Either for therapy
sessions or any other way...
All in all,  it was a humbling,  beautiful and a joyous experience.
They are beautiful people. In their own unique way,  they are so
genuinely beautiful with hearts of innocence,  Light and Hope.

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  1. best said:

    They are beautiful people. In their own unique way, they are so
    genuinely beautiful with hearts of innocence, Light and Hope.